yorkshire terrier

The goal for adoption of Yorkie Rescue South Africa is placing the right Yorkie with the right family. We match the Yorkies with homes that are well suited to their needs, temperament, age, and energy level. If you are considering adopting a Yorkshire Terrier, please follow the adoption process below.


  1. Check if your home meets the basic adoption criteria this form must be opened with adobe reader and not in your browser
    1. Offline version can be downloaded here
  2. If your score qualifies then fill out & submit the Home Check Application form  
    1. Offline version can be downloaded here
  3. Complete the adoption form with as much information as possible   
    1. Offline version can be downloaded here
  4. Additional supporting documents will need to be submitted, our Adoption Committee will advise once your application has been reviewed
  5. Once you have submitted the Adoption form our Adoption Committee endeavours to reply within 72 hours.
  6. A Yorkie Angel will make an appointment to visit your home where the Yorkie will be housed.
  7. You may be invited to the Sanctuary to meet some of the Yorkies, however this is not always a viable proposition.
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