yorkshire terrier

Thank you for looking to Yorkie Rescue SA for assistance in finding a furever home for your Yorkie.

If you absolutely, positively need to surrender your pet, you can either download this form or you can complete the online form below


  • Many people surrender their pets to shelters with the understanding their pet will find a new home, but may not be aware of how our shelters are overcrowded.


  • Dogs that are surrendered to caged shelters get very sick very quickly because of the stress they endure in the shelter and because their immune system is affected.


  • Often they get pneumonia, sit in fear shivering in the cold cage having to listen to all the other dogs bark, howl and cry.


  • This experience will stay with them the rest of their lives.


  • Many of the pets surrendered don’t get adopted and end up being euthanized.



Yorkie Surrender Form